Common mistakes when starting out

There are a number of mistakes new drivers make when starting out. Here are a few ideas to overcome some of the common ones.

  • Ask for help. Most clubs are welcoming to new members. The better driver you become the more you will enjoy karting and therefore the longer you will stay a member.
  • Don’t worry about faster drivers. When you are new, you will get passed, sometimes often. Concentrate on driving your race with no sudden line changes and you will be more predictable allowing experienced drivers to pass you safely. With practice you will soon be as fast as they are.
  • Keep your steering smooth and gradual. Going fast takes precision. Watch formula 1 or V8 supercar drivers and see how smooth they are.
  • Use all of the track. The track includes the kerbs and white lines so use as much as possible. You can carry more spend by making corners as wide as you can on entry and exit.
  • Don’t turn into the corner too early. Are you losing speed out of the corners or sliding wide on exit? Give slowing down more before turning and aim for a later apex. If your entry is right you should not run wide after accelerating at the corner apex.
  • Keep your hands on the wheel and don’t let go. Steering on karts is sensitive so keep your hands at the 3 and 9 position (as on a clock).
  • Braking like you do in a car won’t work when driving a kart. You should break hard initially then release them gradually as you approach the corner apex.
  • You should always be looking one section ahead. Look at the apex when you break into a corner, focus on the exit once you reach the apex and as you exit you should be looking towards the next corner. It is natural to look just in front of you when you start out but as simple as looking ahead seems, it will make a huge difference.
keep calm